'Doctor Who's' Dalek creator Ray Cusick dies

'Doctor Who's Ray Cusick, the man who designed the famous Dalek, has died at age 84.

His daughter Claire Heawood said that he died of heart failure in his sleep.

Cusick told the The Mirror  about the formation of his iconic cult figure: “We went to lunch in the canteen and I was scribbling on the back of napkins the ideas of the Daleks,”

"I picked up what could have been a salt pot and moved it around the table. I said 'It moves like that, without any arms or legs.”

Daleks 1963

The Daleks are the iconic villains in the cult science-fiction series 'Doctor Who' in 1963. Their metallic and pepper-pot like shape, with their famous "Exterminate" did not appear until the second episode of the cult series.

David Graham who voiced the original Daleks said that Mr Cusick was responsible for “one of the most iconic designs of television sci-fi.”

It was by chance that Cusick was given able to design the Dalek. In 1963, future 'Alien' director Ridley Scott, then working at the BBC, was to take a look at the design but it was handed to Cusick.

Doctor Who Magazine tweeted “It's with great sadness that we report the death of Ray Cusick- the designer of the Daleks. Half a century on, his iconic design lives on.”

Mark Gatiss, actor and writer of Doctor Who also tweeted “Farewell to the great Ray Cusick. His passing is especially said in this anniversary year but his creation remains immortal. Daleks forever!”

'Doctor Who' is set to mark its 50th year since the first episode.

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Written by: MatthewWarcup
Feb 24th, 2013, 7:25 am

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