"Walking Dead" exec producer Robert Kirkman talks latest episode, 'I Ain't a Judas'

Rick and the group stand guard outside the prison

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead had tensions and temperatures rising on both Rick’s and the Governor’s turfs. While it was a fairly tame episode compared to the past few weeks, “I Ain’t a Judas” felt like an important lead up to something big. The calm before the storm; the silence before the big battle. The Walking Dead executive producer, Robert Kirkman, sat down to discuss last night’s episode and more.

Rick and Andrea’s reunion last night was awkward, to say the least. After being separated for so long, each going through their own struggles, Kirkman felt he needed to emphasize the impact this has had on their friendship. “That’s something we are doing to remind people of the fact that Andrea really has been away from them for a very long time.” says Kirkman. “She was in the woods with Michonne for longer than she was with Rick and the other group. There was a lot of passage of time between seasons and she’s been in Woodbury for a while. So because of that time passage everyone is kind of on edge. I don’t think Andrea really knows what to expect from Rick and vice versa.”

The show ended in a cliff-hanger, leaving us to wonder what on earth Andrea was going to do and how the Governor was going to react. Leaving us questioning and wanting more was, as always, a set up for important things to come. “Well, I don’t want to give too much away because there’s some stuff coming up. I think that she was definitely considering it or she wouldn’t have been there.” Kirkman says. The scene brought up an interesting dynamic in the show: the difference between killing a zombie and killing a living human. “You know, I think killing someone that close up, a human being, with a knife, that’s one thing that is still sort of a bridge too far for many people in this universe.” Kirkman continued, “It’s important to note that these people are killing zombies left and right all day long and some of them are crossing over that line to killing people. But I don’t think Andrea has quite gotten there just yet.”

Greg Nicotero instructs extras on set

Kirkman also discussed how last night’s episode was directed by The Walking Dead “makeup wizard” Greg Nicotero. “I Ain’t a Judas” was surprisingly tame overall for what one might expect from the man who makes us cringe on a weekly basis. “This is a good example of why Greg Nicotero has become one of our go-to directors,” says Kirkman. “He ended up doing three episodes this season. He’s just a fantastic director. It’s not like it’s, “Oh, this is a special effects, zombie-filled episode, let’s make sure Greg does it.” He really is a skilled director, one of our strongest directors on the show, and I think this episode is a very clear example of that.” Although, last night’s episode did feature Andrea curb-stomping a zombie in a gory close-up, so Greg Nicotero’s episode got to live up to his reputation.

Lastly, we saw the return of Tyreese and his group last night as they had a run in with Andrea and made their way to Woodbury. As fans we were given an interesting outsiders perspective on how the group at the prison appears to strangers. Kirkman says that this storyline was equally as interesting to create. “We had a lot of fun with that. These are characters that we’ve known and loved for so long and we’ve seen them go through all these horrible things — but if you do take just a slice of them and look at them for what they are at this moment you can kind of see how Tyreese would come to that conclusion. They had a pretty bad encounter with those people.”

What did you think of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead?

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10/10 Greg Nicatero pulled some amazing acting from his cast.

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