'Arrested Development' star talks 'complicated' new season

The May return of "Arrested Development" is right around the corner. In an interview with Empire Online, Jason Bateman teased what fans could expect for the latest Bluth family adventure.

Ron Howard, Jason Bateman, and Mitchell Hurwitz

The return of America's most dysfunctional family will carry with it the twists and turns viewers have come to expect. "We're done shooting it and it was great. Also, it will be extremely complicated for the viewers," the actor joked. "14 episodes, all separate, with each character getting their own episode, but all the action happens simultaneously."

Bateman related the simultaneous timeframe of the episodes to Netflix's option of releasing all of the episodes at once, explaining, "So you can stop my episode at the very moment that, say, Gob rides by on his Segway and then click into his episode and follow him. I don't know how Mitchell Hurwitz wrote it, shot it or scheduled it, I don't know how he's editing it but it'll be amazing, I think.

As has been rumored, the actor teased that the 14 episode season will serve as a lead-in to an "Arrested Development" feature. Bateman continued, "And it's only the first third of a three-part story; the second two parts will be in the movie. So this is the first act, and the movie is act two and three. They're all just asking questions that the movie itself will answer."

Bateman also addressed rumors that the cliffhanger leading into the film will follow a similar "Who Shot JR" storyline as infamous primetime soap "Dallas." The actor joked, "I can neither confirm nor deny [those similarities]. I will say that some of Larry Hagman's hair makes it into the third episode, however. The hair is on Franklin the puppet."

Which character are you most looking forward to catching up with in the new season?

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Feb 25th, 2013, 11:07 am

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