Netflix boss talks 'House of Cards' success, new horror series 'Hemlock Grove'

The idea of Netflix getting into original programming is an exciting one, and House of Cards, the company's first majorly successful original, was a sign that television as a medium will soon be far from limited to actual televisions. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings seems to think so, at least. According to Deadline, he is enthusiastic about the avenues House of Cards opened for the company: 

The show's success was “confirmation of the thesis that we can build something really important," Hastings said, though he urged investors not to see Netflix as a company purely focused on original content. "It's our most viewed content today, but it's not the center of the company. It may be the center of the PR for a while. That's OK."  

Hastings also talked up Hemlock Grove, the new horror series that will premiering on Netflix at the beginning of April. Calling it "completely different" than House of Cards, Hastings also confirmed that the series would follow some of executive producer Eli Roth's other works, in that "for many people in this audience, you'll be grossed out. We're going to push the boundaries." 

It'll be interesting to see how Hemlock Grove compares to television's reigning gross-out champ, The Walking Dead. Will it make the zombie series seem... toothless? (That's a pun for Walking Dead fans who saw Sunday night's episode.)

House of Cards has been renewed for a second season.

Hemlock Grove's entire first season will premiere April 19 on Netflix. 


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Feb 25th, 2013, 4:17 pm

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Seems there is a Skarsgård everywhere you look these days :)

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