Conservatives unhappy with Best Picture surprise presenter at Oscars


Can something as innocent as presenting an award ignite a firestorm?

Well, if the last 24 hours are any indication, they certainly can. Ever since First Lady Michelle Obama appeared remotely from the White House to assist Jack Nicholson in presenting the Best Picture Oscar to "Argo," the conservative media has been in an uproar. Of course they are.

Right away, Steven Gregory of KFI-AM, a Los Angeles talk station, tweeted that “when Michelle Obama was introduced by Jack Nicholson most of the reporters in the media groaned ... loudly.” Other reporters in the room must have been distracted, because they did not remember such a groan.

Apparently, the reason the talk show hosts were so upset is that, in their minds, the Oscars should have been an Obama-free zone, as the appearance was seen as just another way of rubbing Hollywood's perceived liberalism in the face of the GOP movie going public.

Rush Limbaugh was not happy either. He compared the segment to a famous Apple Macintosh commercial.

“When I saw Michelle Obama on that giant screen, I mean, she dwarfed Nicholson,” Limbaugh said. “And I thought of 1984, the Macintosh ad from the Super Bowl in 1984. Exact type of scenario, except Michelle Obama was actually the Dear Leader of this, obviously a totalitarian state. And the Dear Leader was making some giant speech and fist-pounding and robotic citizens were sitting there nodding."

He did not stop there, saying that Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane emailed him saying that, “'You know what, I kind of understand how you conservatives feel about the media now,'” according to Limbaugh, “Because they were already proclaiming him the worst host ever before the show had even aired.”

The military personnel with the Obama were also referred to as "props" and as "set decoration" by various conservative personalities.

Seriously people. It was harmless. Not everything has to ignite World War III.



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Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 25th, 2013, 7:06 pm


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yes prove it

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prove it. vote to eliminate aid to Israel
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