It’s That Guy: A Tribute to Male Celebrities Who Everyone Recognizes but No One Remembers Their Name (February 2013)

This issue is dedicated to Todd Stashwick, Ken Leung, and Tom Cavanagh.

That Guy: Todd StashwickTodd Stashwick
Where He's Been: American Dreams, Angel, Better with You, Boston Legal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Burn Notice, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dark Angel, Dharma & Greg, The Drew Carey Show, Franklin & Bash, Ghost Whisperer, The Guardian, Hawaii Five-0, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Justified, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Leverage, Lie to Me, Malcolm in the Middle, MDs, Men of a Certain Age, The Mentalist, Monk, Private Practice, Psych, Revolution, The Riches, Rodney, $#*! My Dad Says, Still Standing, Supernatural, Titus, The War at Home, Weeds, Will & Grace
Most Memorable Role: I love this guy in just about anything he does, but the one role that always comes to mind is from an episode of Supernatural called Monster Movie (Season 4, Episode 5) where Todd plays a Shape Shifter who has a fondness for impersonating monsters from classic horror movies. My favorite scene is when he answers the door as Dracula to accept a pizza from a delivery man who is clearly not amused by his antics.

Delivery Man: That'll be $15.50.
Dracula: Tell me...
Delivery Man: Yeah?
Dracula: Is there garlic on this pizza?
Delivery Man: I don't know. Did you order garlic?
Dracula: *shields himself* No!
Delivery Man: Then no. Look, mister, I got four other deliveries to make. You want to just pay me the money so I can go?
Dracula: Of course, yes...
Dracula: ..but I have a coupon. *holds up a comically large coupon*

Ken LeungThat Guy: Ken Leung
Where He's Been: Deadline, Deception, The Good Wife, The Jury, Law & Order, Lost, New York Undercover, Oz, Person of Interest, The Sopranos, Whoopi, Wonderland, Zero Hour
Most Memorable Role: Although he is probably best known for his role as Miles Straume on Lost, I am partial to his work on The Sopranos. In Remember When (Season 6, Episode 15) he stole the show as Carter Chong, an impressionable young man who befriends Junior in a mental institution. He apparently made quite an impression, despite having only appeared in the one episode, as evidenced by the fact that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse made a character for him on Lost based on his performance.

Ken Leung directed a short film called "Rumble" for the TOYOTA sponsored series Interpretations on YOMYOMF (You Offend Me You Offend My Family).

Tom CavanaghThat Guy: Tom Cavanagh
Where He's Been: Cold Squad, Ed, Eli Stone, Jack & Bobby, Love Monkey, The Outer Limits, Providence, Royal Pains, Scrubs, The Sentinel, Trust Me, Viper
Most Memorable Role: I imagine many will know him as Ed Stevens but I remember him best from Scrubs as Dan Dorian, JD's lovably annoying brother. One of my favorite scenes is in My Inconvenient Truth (Season 7, Episode 3) when Dan, undeterred by JD ignoring him, becomes a character he likes to refer to as "The Constant Questioner".

*Dan joins JD as he's walking down the hospital corridor*
Dan: Now, who's that guy? What's behind that door? When's the next bus to Chicago? 7 o'clock! Be Under it! Where's that girl going? Wanna see me to a funny dance? *dances a little* A bikka tikka booka tooka! EHH EHH! Wanna see me do it around you? *begins dancing around JD* A bikka tikka booka tooka! EHH EHH! A bikka tikka! BREAK IT! BREAK IT!

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- Thomas Cavanagh
- Todd Stashwick
- Ken Leung

Written by: Kimberly1978VA
Feb 26th, 2013, 3:04 am


Message Posted On Feb 28th, 2013, 2:26 pm
These need to last longer. I like the features but never notice them because they're tucked away too quick. Also, good picks. It seemed like ken leung was on the sopranos for at least a couple episodes. And stashwick needs his own series.