Larenz Tate joins Craig Robinson pilot at NBC

Craig Robinson has added a new member to his television family.

Larenz Tate

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Larenz Tate has signed on to join the comedy pilot project starring "The Office"'s former warehouse manager.

The currently untitled pilot, written by "The Office"'s Owen Ellickson, will center on the appropriately named Craig, a talented musician who must put a pin in his dreams of musical stardom to adjust to a new life as a middle school music teacher. In his new position, he must navigate the tense minefield that is school politics, precocious kids, and the temptations of single moms.

Tate joins the cast as Craig's brother and fellow band member Kevin. Kevin is described as a charismatic lady killer who, thanks to his musical gifts, has never held a real job and views Craig's newfound dedication to his students at the expense of the band as a waste of time. Tate and Robinson join Amanda Lund ("The League"), who signed a couple of weeks ago to play Craig's perky and earnest co-worker who clashes with her co-workers looser teaching style.

Hopefully readers are aware of Tate's past work, in which he's shown to be especially adept at dramatic work, such as excellent performances in "Menace II Society" and "Love Jones." We'll see how well he adjusts to comedy, but something tells me that's a safe bet.

- Larenz Tate
- Craig Robinson
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Written by: kyleiam
Feb 26th, 2013, 7:47 am

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