"The Waitress" cast as Will Arnett's sister on new CBS pilot


Just reading the headline I have attached to this article, do you know who I am referring to? If so, you must be among the tribe that proudly calls themselves fans of FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And if not, I will wait for you to go watch a few episodes and then we can initiate you into the fan club.

One of that series recurring characters is that of The Waitress, the object of Charlie Kelly's affection. Although she refuses to give him any hope of them ever being together, he refuses to give up the ghost.

The Waitress is played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis (who is married to Charlie Day, the actor who plays Charlie Kelly). Ellis has bounced around the networks a bit in an attempt to find something that sticks. And now it appears she may have found another opportunity opposite Will Arnett, who she appeared with on NBC's Up All Night.

Ellis will play Debbie, the sister of Arnett's character, Jack. Debbie is married to a mattress salesman and has two kids.

Margo Martindale and J.B. Smoove have also been added to the cast, with Martindale playing Jack’s mom (Smoove’s role has not been announced, as far as I can tell, currently).

The series does not have a name yet, as it is being called the "Unauthorized Greg Garcia Project" at this point. Veteran director James Burrows will direct the pilot.


- Will Arnett
- Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 27th, 2013, 2:55 pm

Images courtesy of CBS

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