David Spade and Rachael Harris cast in ABC comedy pilot "Bad Management"

 David Spade and Rachael Harris

Sharon Horgan’s single-camera ABC comedy Bad Management has locked down two of its co-leads. David Spade (Rules Of Engagement) and Rachael Harris (Stu’s horrible wife in The Hangover) will star opposite of Horgan, who is writing and co-starring in the pilot. ABC studios are producing the pilot with Kat Likkel, and John Hoberg will be executive producing.

Bad Management will follow the story of a selfish and self-centered boss (Horgan) who works at a high end department store. Horgan finds that she has to struggle to keep control over the store when the boss’ son, Tobias Jr. (Spade) moves to town and changes the focus of the company to youth and sex. Harris will play Linda, who has only been described thus far as “a store employee who finally gives up on her long-time spray tan habit”.

Spade’s CBS show Rules Of Engagement is currently in its seventh season but is unlikely to return next season. The original cast members’ contracts with Sony TV are up this season, and with actors like Spade and Patrick Warburton booking new pilots, it is clear they have no plans of returning to CBS’s “Rules” unless both their pilots flop.

Harris was originally attached to another pilot project at Fox called Dirty Blondes, which had a put pilot commitment. In addition to co-starring, Harris will be involved in the writing and executive producing of the pilot.

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Feb 28th, 2013, 5:25 am


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Way to go Rache !
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