"The Office's" Angela Kinsey joins Fox’s "Gabriels" pilot

Angela Kinsey

Angela Martin from The Office (whose name is coincidentally also Angela in real life) has landed herself a new gig. Angela Kinsey has signed on to co-star in the new Fox pilot “The Gabriels” alongside Rob Riggle. The addition of Kinsey means that this pilot has now completed its casting.

The Gabriels is a single-camera comedy show that is centered on the lives of a reclusive and neurotic family in Wisconson that live in a community of “oversharers”. Kinsey will play the character of Gail Gabriel, a therapist who is somewhat air-headed and strange. While she often means best, Gail is struggling to build up a therapy practice where she unintentionally makes her patients feel terrible. Gail’s husband Ken Gabriel (Rob Riggle) is a less mature version of his better half.

The Gabriels will be written and executive produced by Justin Hurwitz (The League) and Andrew Gurland (The Last Exorcism Part II). The pilot is slated as a single-camera comedy from 20th Television and will co-star Tim Meadows as the local school principal, Sara Sivehny, Brooke Sorenson and River Alexander.

Kinsey was originally attached to another comedy project earlier this season with Fox called Dirty Blondes, which had a put pilot commitment. Her casting in The Gabriels and finalization of the deal comes later than the other rest of the pilot's cast as Kinsey had to work around the filming of the series finale for The Office.

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Written by: harrisr
Feb 28th, 2013, 5:26 am


Message Posted On Feb 28th, 2013, 11:08 pm
In this point characters sound like caricatures. Tricky beast this Gabriels pilot - make them be funny weird, but make them relatable too as real people. Again, tricky stuff, but if they pull if off, it can be little gem like Parks & Recs.
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