Louis C.K.'s stand-up special 'Oh My God' to premiere April 13 on HBO

We might not be getting any new of FX's 'Louie' in 2013, but don't worry: we'll still be getting a dose of Louis C.K. The stand-up comedian is taking time off from his FX series to tour his stand-up show, so while we won't get Louie season 4 until 2014, we will at least be getting a new stand-up special in April. C.K.'s stand-up special, 'Oh My God,' will premiere on HBO on April 13. 

Taking a page from the book of the late, great stand-up comedian George Carlin, C.K. has gotten into the habit of regularly churning out stand-up specials with entirely new material -- meaning that he reinvents his entire routine each year. Last year's special, 'Word - Live at Carnegie Hall,' for example, featured no overlap with his 2011 special, 'Live at the Beacon Theater.' It can then be expected that 'Oh My God' will feature lots of new content for avid fans of C.K.'s stand-up. 

'Oh My God' won't be C.K.'s first involvement with HBO; his sitcom Lucky Louie aired for one season back in 2006. Back in 2007, he aired the stand-up special 'Shameless' on the pay-cable network. 

Are you excited for 'Oh My God'? I certainly am -- C.K. has a unique comedic voice, and it will be exciting to see new material, even if it isn't another season of FX's brilliant 'Louie' (2014 is a long way away). 

'Oh My God' will premiere April 13 at 10/9c on HBO. 


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Written by: mcpherson
Feb 28th, 2013, 11:43 am

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