Bill Pullman Returns To The Fictional White House

Bill Pullman

I think it's pretty safe to say that in the long, storied career of actor Bill Pullman, one role tends to stick out the most in the minds of audiences. That role being the heroic US President Thomas J. Whitmore in the 90's sci-fi hit Independence Day. His rousing speech to the seemingly doomed armies of mankind before they wage the final offensive is legendary and a Youtube clip staple. Well, ID4 fans might just have mixed feelings on this latest development.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Pullman has signed up not only to once again portray an ex-military Commander Of Chief, but along with it the patriarch of a highly dysfunctional first family of the USA in the new NBC comedy pilot 1600 Penn. The show (co-created by Book Of Mormon's Josh Gad) stars Gad himself as the "the out-of-control oldest son" who returns home not only his family's "biggest liability but also the glue holding everyone together." It certainly sounds like a standard sitcom logline, but with the unusual plot element of course being that his dad just happens to the leader of the free world. The lovely Brittany Snow has also recently been cast as the "first daughter".

Will you be up for a visit to 1600 Penn? Or will you vote against Pullman's POTUS before he even completes his first term on TV?

As a special treat, here's Pullman's famous ID4 speech in it's entirety:


- Bill Pullman
- 1600 Penn

Written by: msd85
Feb 24th, 2012, 4:20 pm

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