'Waterloo Road' stars preview upcoming Storylines

Waterloo Road tends to manage something other British drama series can't. A series set in a school were pupils are obviously going to move on after some time, often has to bring in new characters. The latest family to join the show are The Barry's. Headed up by star of 'Footballers Wives' and more recently a stint in 'EastEnders', Zoe Lucker heads up the family playing Carol Barry.

Carol has three children all of which have been involved in some pretty controversial storylines since joining the series when it came back from it's break in January. We have already seen older daughter Dynasty Barry (played by Abby Mavers) encouraged by her mother to quit school and start earning money by pole dancing. Dynasty thought of nothing better then making money for herself, until her mother told her just how big her cut of the earnings was going to be and Dynasty decided to stay in school.


(From Left to Right: Brogan Ellis as Kacey, Carl Au as Barry, Zoe Lucker as Carol and Abby Mavers as Dynasty)

Tonight’s episode has set up major storylines for it's final two episodes of the series current run, involving Carol's two other children. Barry Barry played by Carl Au was involved in an altercation with outgoing deputy head teacher Sian Diamond (Jaye Jacobs), which saw her lose her temper and slap him. What follows in the next few episodes is unclear, other then Sian will be seen leaving the series in episode 30 of the show's current run.

Carol's youngest daughter Kacey (Brogan Ellis) looking slightly different in her casting agency photo, from the tomboy look seen above is also embarking on a major storyline. 

Last weeks episode saw Kacey confront her gender identity issues, declaring she was a boy inside. Tonight's episode saw Carol reacting badly to the idea of her daughter wanting to look at options for gender reassignment in the future.

Zoe Lucker appeared on today’s episode of ITV's 'Loose Women' discussing the storyline -

"[Carol] buries her head into the sand. She doesn't understand it, so she won't confront it. As far as she's concerned, it's someone putting ideas into the child's head. It's really, really sad."

She went onto to praising Brogan's portrayal of the character -

"Watching last week's episode, Brogan who plays Kacey did such a lovely job with such a sensitive situation and sensitive issue. It was heart breaking to watch. There's a lot of people who wonder whether it's just a phase, when actually these people have been growing and living with this all their lives. The isolation they must go through and how vulnerable they must be, especially going through their teens at school."

She then went onto confirm that she will be departing the series soon, it is however unclear at present whether her children will be leaving as well.

Waterloo Road airs Thursday nights at 8pm on BBC One.

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