'Coronation Street's pensioners cannabis storyline

Sylvia Goodwin and Roy Cropper

Coronation Street's pensioners will get high on cannabis in a new storyline according to the Daily Star.

The storyline will see ITV soap's Sylvia Goodwin played by Stephanie Cole and Dennis Tanner played by Philip Lowrie are set to buy the drug from a dealer, before baking it into “space cakes” for them and their friends in a bid to beat the aches and pains of old age.

When Sylvia's son Roy Cropper played by David Nielsen accidentally sells a batch to Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox) and Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) an argument later erupts. Sylvia not wanting them to eat the cakes is forced to confess all.

Roy rushes over to alert to alert Rita and Norris which then leads to a showdown between Rita, Sylvia and Dennis.

Dennis tells Rita: “I know this doesn't look good, but in fairness to Sylvia, and the others, we take the stuff for medicinal purposes. We're not harming anyone. Sylvia and I made a mistake, in fact we were in pain doesn't excuse it.”

Rita rages: “My God! It's a flaming drug den in here. Sylvia, you were trying to get him addicted. She's no better than a pusher.”

Sylvia replies: “I will not be vilified for attempting to relieve the suffering of my friends. I broke the law and I would do it again.”

Rita eventually threatens to call in the police.

Coronation Street will begin to air the storyline next month.

What do you think of the “dramatic” storyline?


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Written by: MatthewWarcup
Feb 28th, 2013, 5:42 pm

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Message Posted On Apr 8th, 2013, 2:18 pm
The doctor then completely ruins it with false allegations and no proof to what he's saying, they should be able to consume it.. It ruined the episodes and everything was completely blown out of proportion

Message Posted On Apr 5th, 2013, 1:10 pm
Oops, Corrie completely ruins it with false medical advice from the actor pretending to be a doctor. Real doctors prescribe cannabis rather than prescribe painkillers with more dangerous side effects.

Message Posted On Mar 30th, 2013, 6:35 pm
I am very pleased to see this being brought out into the forefront.. I am a legal medical consumer, We deal with discrimination from all sides, including our own government and doctors. It's time the truth be told! Thank you Corrie A daily avid watcher and fan for 30 yrs!

Message Posted On Mar 29th, 2013, 2:32 pm
This storyline cant do any harm as it shows that the pensioners dont start looking for heroin etc after they have releived some pain by taking some marijuana. This may be the first step to medical marijuana in the uk as corrie is watched by the population of the country that thinks 'DRUGS'and lump marijuana in with every other drug available on the street when they are most likely getting a prescription from there doctor that is far worse for them but is acceptable because it is in pill form and from the doctor. The amount of states in usa that have medicinal marijuana is growing so lets hope this is a step towards it here. As we know whatever happens in usa usually happens here. The main enemy to this is big pharma imagine you can grow your own medicine...the big pharma industry is worth billions of pounds so they do not want 'normal middle aged people' to see that this is better than the many different types of drugs they are prescribed for the variety of problems that marijuana can help without the side effects. To sum up this storyline has to be a good thing. It may take 10 years but i think eventually the uk will be like california. Get rid of the dealers who are making a fortune and producing sub standard weed. The way forward is to decriminalize and let each person have 3 or 4 plants like some other in europe. That would be common sense so lets hope corrie is striking a blow for the case.
Eric Compton

Message Posted On Mar 29th, 2013, 9:20 am
I am and have been a Cannabis Prohibition activist since 2007. I could not disagree ore with the above poster. I believe the motivations of this episode are the complete opposite to what 'MeeMan' suggests. The writers have creative control over this show, not England's drug administration. This episode brings to mainstream media a discussion that really should have appeared years ago. That of medical use. I believe this story is just trying to create discussion in it's viewing audience Perhaps the episode will have a resolution that identifies it as pro-legalization.

Message Posted On Mar 4th, 2013, 11:34 am
This is yet more propaganda BS, as emphasised by the line " Sylvia, you were trying to get him addicted. She's no better than a pusher.” There has never been any evidence of cannabis being addictive. Never. Even the British Commissions over the past century have concluded time and time again that it's basically harmless. And I quote... 1894 After sitting for two years the British government's Indian Hemp Commission produces a 3,281 page report that concludes "...for the vast majority of consumers, the Commission consider that the evidence shows the moderate use of ganja or charas (hashish/cannabis resin) not to be appreciably harmful..." 1901 Royal Commission concludes that cannabis is relatively harmless and not worth prohibiting. 1968 The UK government committee headed by Baroness Wootton concludes that "the long-term consumption of cannabis in moderation has no harmful effects". And I add... 1975 America establishes the Compassionate Use programme for medical use of marijuana. 1979 The UK Advisory Council proposed moving cannabis to class C under the Misuse of Drugs Act, and changing penalties for possession. 1988 In the US, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) administrative law Judge Francis Young finds after thorough hearings that marijuana has clearly established medical use and should be reclassified as a prescriptive drug. His recommendation is ignored. 2000 Tony Blair agrees that cannabis should be legalised for medical purposes. 2000 Police Foundation Report suggests that certain drugs be reclassified and penalties reduced. The government rejects the recommendations. 2003 Canada is first country in the world to offer medical marijuana to its patients. 2005 Sativex, the world's first cannabis derived medicine is licensed for use in Canada. The drug is developed by British Company GW Pharmaceuticals. The UK considers licensing Sativex as well. This last one being of significant importance when you realise the scientific evidence behind it. For example... BESIDES HARVARD, UCLA AND PRINCETON STUDIES OF MEDICINAL MARIJUANA...  - British Journal of Cancer, "Cannabinoids induce growth inhibition & apoptosis (cell death) in prostate Cancer" - Journal of the National Cancer Institute, "Cannabinoids, have been associated with anti-carcinogenic effects" - Queen Mary's School of Medicine & Dentistry in London England, "Cannabis destroys Cancer cells" - Cancer Research UK, "(Cannabinoids) can slow growth & spread of Cancer cells or even kill them" I could easily go on with data after data of the medical benefits and the lack of social harms of this plant but will add this one last note. There has NEVER been any scientific evidence to suggest that the ingestion of cannabis, through any means, has any kind of link to "mental illness" in any way at all. FACT! To hear anyone give an opinion otherwise to hear opinion, not scientific evidence. Time to look at the evidence and not fall for the "Reefer Madness" propaganda and lies any more; which is what this storyline is trying to do here. Typical Governmental fear-mongering BS.
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