Jeanine Mason joins the cast of 'Delirium'


Jeanine Mason


Hey! Do you like dancing shows like 'So You Think You Can Dance?' Do you like sci-fi stories with secret love police? If so, this news is perfect for you: dancer Jeanine Mason has joined the cast of FOX's upcoming adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s bestselling young adult novels, 'Delirium.'

Mason began her career via dance competitions and made the transition to actor as a dancer on the ABC Family series 'Bunheads.' Before you judge her based on her beginnings, bear in mind that Tom Hardy's career began when he won a male modelling competition and lots of people seem to think he's a pretty good actor. It takes all kinds!

Emma Roberts'Delirium' is set in an alternative present where love has been outlawed, for some reason. People are forced into a procedure that prevents you from falling in love, referred to only as The Cure. Here's the catch: main character Lena Holoway (to be played by Emma Roberts) falls in love--and thus breaks the law--with ninety-five days to go until she takes The Cure.

So where does Mason fit in? Mason will play Lena's best friend, Hana. Presumably Hana will be privy to Lena's transgression and will be caught between trying to protect her friend and not wishing to break the law herself.

Rounding out the cast for 'Delirium' is Corey Reynolds ('The Closer') and Billy Campbell ('The Killing'). Still no word as to why anyone would want to outlaw love or what a government would have to gain by spending time and money to keep love supressed. Thoughts?



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If you read the books you'd know.

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