Discovery renews 'Amish Mafia' for second season

Amish Mafia

Well, it looks like Discovery fans have spoken, and what they want is more Amish Mafia. After pulling in an average of 3.3 million viewers per episode in its first season and ranking as the number two cable show on the Wednesday line-up, Discovery has decided to renew Amish Mafia for a second season.

The “reality” show features eight hour-long episodes following a man who calls himself “Lebanon Levi” and his partners as they protect their Amish community in Lancaster County, Pa. I hear that horse bandits and thieves are plenty around those parts (I kid, I kid).

While Discovery has admitted that much of the show is actually re-creations of events, and Amish experts have dismissed the idea of an “Amish” mafia as a laughable falsity, fans don’t seem to have a problem with this little bit of controversy. Like the TLC hit Breaking Amish, television viewers are devouring any and all programming that promises horses, Amish buggies and wide brimmed hats.

Season two is a ways down the road still, but Discovery aired a special on Sunday, March 3rd called Amish Mafia: Amish Exorcism, which gave viewers a closer look at two of Lebanon Levi’s partners as they “engaged in an Amish exorcism to bring their demon-haunted brother back to the flock”.

- Amish Mafia

Written by: harrisr
Mar 4th, 2013, 5:33 am

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Message Posted On Sep 13th, 2013, 7:50 am
hi I hope amish mafia gets renew for season 3

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Message Posted On Mar 5th, 2013, 3:40 am

I have to admit that whenever I pass by this show, I have to watch a little - much in the same way you would stop at the scene of a car crash. It's not even the plot threads that that hypnotise me, it's the concept. I mean, the very concept is enough to ensure everyone has to check it out. That being said, morbid curiosity has its limits, so a renewal is sad. I want to criticise Discovery, but they once featured a show about haunting testimonials and gave them a straight-faced recreations with no degree of scepticism, so we're past that, I suppose.


Speaking of which - Amish Mafia: Amish Exorcism. Good to see we're adding more bullshit to pre-existing bullshit. Although, if the actors portraying the demon-possessed are as bad as the ones Bob Larsen hires for his theatre scam, then this will be absolutely hysterical given the Amish mafia injection.

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