'Once Upon a Time' not ending anytime soon, say creators

ABC's fairytale drama series 'Once Upon a Time' returned for its spring run on Sunday with the episode "The Queen Is Dead," but how much story does the series have left in it? Many have speculated that series creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will follow the precedent of their old series, LOST (they served as executive producers) and declare an end date for the show years in advance. LOST, if you'll remember, was given 48 episodes following the end of its third season to bring the dense mystery series to a close. 

That's not in Once Upon a Time's future, according to Kitsis and Horowitz. Speaking to Assignment X, the duo asserted that they refuse to declare an end date for the series. 

"Well, right now, I don’t want to say we want to have an end point, because we feel like every day, we’re still fighting to keep it going, in the sense that we’re only in Season 2, so for us, we don’t take anything for granted, that there’s a Season 3 or a Season 4. So we just take it a season at a time and hope that we get to the next one," said Kitsis. "If we make it to Season 5, then let’s talk. Eventually, of course, you’d like to end it on your own terms, whenever that is, as opposed to being canceled or letting it go for too long."

Horowitz agreed, adding, "We have ideas on other characters and worlds and things we haven’t got to, because each season has to kind of be its own thing."

With the ratings for Once Upon a Time in a constant decline this season (unfortunately), a fifth season for the series seems unlikely. Having said that, I'm happy that Horowitz and Kitsis have a plan for the series to stay creatively fresh from year to year. I'd say it's much wiser to hope for a season 3 than a season 5. 

Once Upon a Time airs its next episode, "The Millers Daughter," March 10 on ABC. 


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Written by: mcpherson
Mar 5th, 2013, 12:05 pm

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