'Entourage' star joins CBS pilot


Kevin Connolly rose to fame on HBO's Entourage, where he played Eric Murphy, the best friend of movie star Vincent Chase and a man who outkicked his coverage on a regular basis with the ladies.

Now Connolly is stepping in front of a camera once again, as he has joined the cast of CBS' new comedy pilot Friends With Better Lives. This is his first series gig since Entourage ended after eight seasons in 2011.

He will play Bobby Lutz, a gynecologist, family man and former nerd. Lutz is not what you would call a man's man and spends most of his time focused on his three kids, but finds time to be jealous of the life his best friend Will (James Van Der Beek) and Will's sexual conquests.

The series will revolve around the fact that all of the friends each think their friends have it better than them. A silly concept that does not sound like it could have legs - with that said, watch it become another How I Met Your Mother for the network.

Actually, this sounds decent to me. I am not a huge Connolly fan, but he is well known and recognizable. The series also has Brooklyn Decker and Rick Donald and BROOKLYN DECKER attached as co-stars. Decker

If this does not get picked up, I will eat a hat.



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Written by: Hamatosan
Mar 6th, 2013, 8:14 pm

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