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'The Walking Dead's' Norman Reedus talks possible Daryl-Carol romance

Daryl and Carol

I don’t know what it is about Norman Reedus’ character Daryl on The Walking Dead, but he has that special something that makes the ladies go crazy – myself included. Besides being one of the most badass characters on the show, Daryl has grown into one of the most caring individuals on The Walking Dead. His relationship with Carol is built on a mutual understanding of what it is like to live through hardship, loss and a life of violence (Daryl has hinted at abuse at the hands of his father, and we witnessed Carol’s abuser in season one).

It has been immensely rewarding as a fan to watch the two of them grow closer together, and the question on everyone’s minds is: Are Carol and Daryl going to ‘hook up’?

Daryl and Carol

Reedus recently had a few words of his own to say on the topic of a potential Walking Dead romance. ”If it does, lucky me. She’s awesome,” says Reedus of Melissa McBride. “She’s my favorite actress on the show. I mean, I like them all, but I’ve gotten to work a lot with her and know her vibe. If it happens, it happens. I want it to be awkward when it happens. I want it to be really awkward. I want her to make the first move.”

I would have to agree that the whole situation comes off a bit awkward to me as well, but that in no way makes me want it to happen less! As far as Carol making the first move, Reedus feels that it would be out of character for Daryl to do anything overly romantic. “I don’t think he’s figured out women. What does a relationship look like and how does that work? He never really grew up with a woman in the house, so it’s sort of like foreign creatures to him." says Reedus.  “Maybe he got together with a couple of locals at one point or something, but I don’t think he was ever in any sort of serious relationship. So if it happens, great. If it doesn’t, great. I like the fact that we’re two damaged people and we sort of gravitate to each other. I like that. If it happens, right on.”

Right on, indeed.

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Written by: harrisr
Mar 7th, 2013, 5:24 am

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Caryl (or Darol, if you prefer) 4 ever!!!

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