'Survivor' host talks latest episode

The dreaded injury bug hit the shores of "Survivor" once again last night, as a castaway was sent home early. Entertainment Weekly spoke with host Jeff Probst about this week's happenings in Caramoan.

Jeff Probst

Malcontent Shamar was forced out of the competition after sustaining a fairly serious eye injury, of all places, while lounging at camp. Probst admitted that prior to arriving at camp, he speculated that Shamar's 'medical emergency' was simply a way for the unhappy castaway to exit the game with his pride intact. "Being completely honest, yes... It went through my head because I had already visited Shamar a few days earlier (which we didn’t air) and he really seemed to want to go home, but his tribe talked him into staying. So when I got the call that he needed to see medical I was already speculating about the situation," he said. "But when I arrived it was clear his eye was injured, and when it comes to vision, you can’t take any risks. The call from the doctors to pull him from the game was an easy one to make. Whether he was secretly relieved, only he truly knows."

Aside from Shamar's abrupt exit from the game, the episode also highlighted a unique reward challenge that brought with it an equally unique visitor to camp: local bushman Tata showed the castaways some Caramoan hospitality, and made some moves on some of the women of the tribe. "[Tata]'s a local. The real deal. Based on his one appearance, he’s already a Survivor legend. I want to bring him back every season. If we had more time we could have shown you how he flirted with the female Survivors. He was really a hoot, but full of so many cool ideas!" the host explained.

The preview for next week's episode shows Brandon Hantz perhaps going a bit too far with the mental warfare on Philip. The host teased, "Hang on, a storm is coming. Don’t DVR. People will be talking. In a word — historic."

What did you think of this week's episode?

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Mar 7th, 2013, 9:27 am

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Pretty good but more excited for the next one!

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