'Workaholics' Anders Holm to recur on 'The Mindy Project'


Anders Holm


How could you not fall in love with that face?

The character Mindy on FOX's 'The Mindy Project' is going to be faced with that question soon, as Anders Holm has been cast in a recurring role as a new love interest for Mindy Kaling's title character for an upcoming four-episode arc.

KalingHolm (whose first name is not pronounced Anne-ders but On-ders... there is a hard On) will play Casey, a charismatic, altruistic, and popular Lutheran pastor in New York City. Seems like a strange match with Mindy from jump street, doesn't it? Well Casey is such a cool pastor that he even has a house DJ to perform during his church services!

Of course, it isn't going to be all wine and roses--when Mindy first meets Casey he annoys and frustrates her as much as he attracts her. But, given how self-destructive Mindy is, she can't help but want to date Casey no matter how much he angers her.

The first episode of Holm's recurring part on 'The Mindy Project' will air in April. This casting is a pretty big move for Holm's career; he is best known for writing, producing and starring in 'Workaholics' opposite his two real-life best friends Blake Anderson and Adam DeVine. Aside from small, one-shot guest appearances, none of the 'Workaholics' guys have landed high profile parts outside of their own series--until now. Could Holm's casting on 'The Mindy Project' signal that it is open season on the lovable 'Workaholics' trio? Could we begin seeing Anders, Adam and Blake popping up all across television?


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Mar 7th, 2013, 9:32 am

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Adam was in pitch perfect.
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