'Big Bang Theory' guest star discusses romancing Raj

It took long enough, but after six seasons the most painfully shy geek on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" may have finally found his awkward equal. Kate Micucci has given Kunal Nayyar's Raj a shot at romance with her current guest arc, with tonight's episode featuring the pair's first date. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Micucci about her experience on the popular series so far and whether there is any hope for the two.

Kate Micucci

The actress let on that the location of Lucy and Raj's first date speaks to their respective issues with socializing. "Raj has his issue with social anxiety, as does Lucy. They both end up going on a date to the library, which is Raj's idea. It's very sweet and the library makes sense for a first date for these two. It plays out perfectly -- he decides he'd be more comfortable -- as she would, too -- so we text each other throughout the date. We laughed a lot and doing the scene and it was a fun thing to do in front of a live audience," she said.

Micucci points to the characters' shared social awkwardness as what brings them together, as both are more forgiving for the others' idiosyncracies given their own experiences. The actress sees this shared experience as something that the series' audience will relate well to. "There's a lot about being shy and in dating scenarios -- it's scary and that's what makes it fun to watch these two who are so completely scared and nervous in so many ways that they balance each other out," she said. "You learn more about Lucy over the course of the date -- she's a loner and she works online -- but as far as where the anxiety comes from, not too much."

While there are only tentative plans in place to bring her back for additional appearances, Micucci explained that this doesn't necessarily mean the date goes badly. She said, "The date ends on a hopeful note. I know I'll be coming back at some point but I don't know what the plan is. I love working with Kunal and we have a lot of fun."

Don't miss the first date on tonight's new episode of "The Big Bang Theory"!

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Mar 7th, 2013, 9:48 am

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