'Breaking Bad' stars call final eight episodes a "roller-coaster ride to Hell"

If there's any better way to sell me on the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, I can't think of one. Of course, I was already sold, but Bryan Cranston's quote about this summer's final slate of episodes is fantastic: "This is the end, my friend. It's a roller-coaster ride to Hell."

That has to be the best tease for any season of television, ever. 

But a recent promo for the final set of episodes has more. Cranston continued, talking about his character's upcoming battle with his brother-in-law, Hank. "Hank, he doesn't know how to handle [Walt]. He doesn't know where to come from," he said. 

"He's been using me, and manipulating me, and I hate him," Dean Norris said, speaking for Hank. 

Stars Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk took a break from filming "a pretty wild scene" in Saul's office to jokingly warn viewers that, "We go to a lot of trouble making this show, so you better like it!" 

I can't imagine not liking it. 

Check out the video featuring more interviews with the cast below. 

The second half of Breaking Bad's fifth and final season premieres this summer on AMC. 

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Mar 7th, 2013, 3:33 pm

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