'Survivor' competitor talks surprise elimination

The latest edition of "Survivor: Fans vs Favorites" continued the trend of heavily favoring the returning castaways. The Fans once again came up short at the Immunity Challenge and suffered double elimination troubles due to Shamar being forced out of competition due to injury. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the other competitor who was voted out, Laura Alexander, to get her thoughts on being blindsided by her alliance.


The castaway and fan of the show confirmed that the vote caught her off guard. "It was definitely a blindside. I expected it to be a split vote between Eddie and Reynold that night," she said. "At that point in the game, I thought that loyalty played a bigger part than strength, especially if a [possible] swap was coming up and Eddie and Reynold would be able to jump ship faster because they didn't trust the major alliance."

The competitor continued, speculating on the thought process behind some of her closest alliance members in voting her off. "I don't think Sherri had much of a choice. I think Matt [Bischoff] really led the effort, and once Matt had Michael [Snow], all they needed to do was to get Eddie and Reynold to solidify their vote," she said. "At that point, they were desperate. Once the guys decided to vote for me, Sherri and Julia [Landauer] couldn't have played a big role in whether to vote for or against me. From their perspective, they couldn't go against that vote and get on the outs with the guys. They had to save their own selves."

Alexander also gave her thoughts on fellow tribe member Shamar, who left quite an impression in his short time in Caramoan. "While I was in the game, I have to say, Shamar was very disrespectful toward other people on the tribe. I don't know who Shamar is in real life; I don't know much about his background other than he's an Iraq war veteran. He may have come from a [terrible] background, but [if so], I don't think that's an excuse. I hope he learned something from that," she explained.

Do you think the Fans tribe made the right call voting off the physically weakest player? Should they have stuck with a core alliance to help in the coming tribe merge?

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Mar 8th, 2013, 8:24 am

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