Skylar Astin to star in new TBS comedy pilot

AstinTBS' new Bill Lawrence comedy pilot, Ground Floor, has landed itself a lead actor.

Skylar Austin, who stars in Pitch Perfect, has landed the role of Brody Moyer, an up-and-coming manager at a company who falls for the supervisor of his building, Jennifer, who is played by Briga Heelan (Cougar Town). Jennifer is a sweet, smart, down-to-Earth gal who has a brief fling with Brody and takes it upon herself to teach him how to unwind a little bit and let his hair down. 

The series follows Brody in his day-to-day workings at his company, dealing with its tight-knit support staff. Being around them, he realizes that he is not nearly as happy as he once thought he was.

Astin has appeared in 21 and Over, did voice work in Wreck-It Ralph, and been seen in Girls and Love Bites. He also did a turn on Broadway in Spring Awakening with Glee's Lea Michele.

Lawrence and Greg Malins will be writing the script, as well as executive producing with Jeff Ingold and Randall Winston. Gail Mancuso will direct the pilot.

Scrubs alum John C.McGinley is also in the cast.

Does this sound like a series you would be interested in watching? I am on the fence myself. I like Scrubs and Cougar Town well enough, but I want to know more about this series before diving in.


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Written by: Hamatosan
Mar 8th, 2013, 1:32 pm

Images courtesy of TBS

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