Mandy Moore exits ABC's 'Pulling'


Mandy MooreMandy Moore, the first actress signed for ABC's upcoming pilot 'Pulling,' has reportedly left the project after the writing team took the character in a new direction.

Written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky and directed by Jason Moore, 'Pulling' is about three dysfunctional thirty-something women seeking love and living their lives, in the face of the stigma that says they should have everything figured out by this point. Moore was set to play one of the main women, Louise, an optimist who is eager--some would say desperate--to snag a husband.

'Pulling' is based off of the 2006 British series of same name. The lead role has been awarded to June Diane Raphael. Although Moore has exited the project, it is not due to any misgivings about her talent on the part of ABC.

"Mandy is a pro, and has been very patient and accommodating with us," reported the producers of 'Pulling.' "As we moved closer to production, it was clear we needed to go in a different direction for the character, and Mandy agreed to do what was best for the show. She’s an immensely gifted actress and we hope to have the pleasure of working with her again."

This is the second project between ABC and Moore that has failed to come to fruition. The network produced a comedy pilot starring the actress last season and earlier this season bought a Rich Appel comedy project she was attached to with a put pilot commitment. When asked about the departure, the lovely Moore was even-handed in her commentary:

"Many things change quickly as a pilot moves into production," Moore stated, "And in this case, Lee and Gene moved the character in a different direction, it was clear this wasn’t right for me. Rather than jeopardize the show, I asked to step aside. They and ABC were very accommodating, and wish them all the best in the fall. It’s a terrific show that worked so well in the UK, I hope it gets the audience it deserves here."

A class act, all around. No word as of yet who will replace Moore on the upcoming project.


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Written by: bad_subject
Mar 9th, 2013, 5:11 pm

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Message Posted On Mar 11th, 2013, 2:18 pm
Again, ABCanceled and their Pilot odysseys... Just run the damn thing, already. Sheesh. What a creep of broadcasting company. *** Anyway: I, for one, am hoping to see Moore making a substantive appearance on the little-screen soon. After all, that's-where-it's-at now. And with many of the overhyped, would-be "A-listers" failing miserably in their TV appearances (now that they 'gave in' to the juggernaut which is high-quality, cinematic-like television), Moore being more judicious with her roles is an encouraging sign. Plus, I like her.
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