'Mad Men' season 6 poster shows Don Draper's double life

Every season of Mad Men is an event, and as we inch ever closer to the end of the show's seven-year run, that becomes more and more true. The sixth season is slated to kick off early next month, and anticipation for the critically acclaimed drama is starting to build. Today saw a big boost in enthusiasm for the upcoming season with the release of the distinctive new poster for the season. 

Abandoning the photo-based aesthetics of previous seasons' posters, the season 6 poster is a pencil-drawn illustration of Don Draper, walking down the street away from Madison Avenue, while a man in a white suit (also Don Draper) walks toward it. It's designed to look like a 1960s advertisement, which makes sense since it was drawn by 1960s advertisement artist Brian Sanders. 

As with last year's season 5 poster, which begged for interpretation, there's plenty to pore over with this poster. Does the season 6 poster indicate that Don is leaving his past life as an ad man behind, or does it indicate that he'll return to his double life of cheating and deception? The final moments of season 5 would seem to suggest the latter, but Mad Men's history of complex characterization probably means that it won't be as black and white as Don Draper's suits in this poster. 

I rather like this poster -- at least visually, it sets season 6 apart from previous years. I would be a little disappointed if the season saw Don fall right back into his old habits, but it's kind of inevitable, right? What do you think the poster means? 

Mad Men season 6 premieres April 7 on AMC. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Mar 11th, 2013, 2:54 pm

Images courtesy of AMC

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