'Walking Dead' actress talks post-apocalyptic stress, makeup sex

This week's episode of The Walking Dead featured the first face-to-face meeting between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and The Governor (David Morrissey), but we also saw another kind of summit between two other characters. After weeks of being distant with each other, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) talked through their issues and followed up with some hot makeup sex in a nearby garage.

Cohan, a U.S.-born British actress who had recurring roles on The CW's Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries before joining the AMC series, participated in a Q&A for this week's edition of Dead Alert and discussed the trajectory of her character.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan)In her first season as a regular cast member, Cohan has had her share of traumatic events thrown her way in Season 3, including nearly losing her father, performing a fatal C-section on Lori, and almost being raped by the Governor. That's the price Maggie pays for being happy with Glenn in the world of The Walking Dead.

"It's stressed me out a little bit, but I feel the writers are writing to my emotional self," theorizes Cohan. "I'm very good at being emotional like that. That's something they've probably recognized and written to, so it's been a very rewarding season for me. Fun is not something you think of when talking about the apocalypse, but it really has been enjoyable. If somebody is going through emotional gut-wrenching material, it's pretty serious. But if we have time and if we have to jump off a car and slash somebody's head open, we do have fun with that."

Between Glenn and Hershel, the two main men in her life, Maggie is both a lover and a daughter. Within the larger group, she also serves as a protector, a scavenger, and a warrior. When asked her favorite role for the character, Cohan has a personal reason for her choice.

"As much as I love the romance between Maggie and Glenn, I just really love seeing the father-daughter relationship done right on-screen," she explains. "Maybe it's because I have two dads, I don't know — my mother remarried when I was about 7; my biological dad and I are very close and my step-dad and I are very close. My moral dilemma is always which one is going to walk me down the aisle, when the day comes."

As for the steamy sex scene between Maggie and Glenn that aired this week, Cohan claims that she wasn't nervous at all during filming because of her complete trust in the crew on set.

"At the end of the day what's on camera is there forever, and I don't want it to look fake or self-conscious," she admits. "There's also only so much that people can show on cable, but we wanted to do justice to this couple in love. They have this stubborn argument that has lasted for days and weeks and it was this healing moment. I think it's a beautiful scene."

Elaborating on her point about the restrictions of cable television, Cohan notes the hypocrisy of allowing so much brutal violence and gore while censoring sex and nudity.

"That's the difference with European and American television," she says. "You can have someone's brain pulled out through their ear but you can't show a nipple. My feeling is always make love, not zombies. We're killing it with this show — literally killing it!"

Yes, they certainly are. With only three episodes remaining this season, do you think Maggie will survive the expected showdown with Woodbury?

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Mar 12th, 2013, 12:17 pm

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