Instant Gratification: 3rd. Edn.

Welcome one and all to the third edition of Instant Gratification. The focus of this feature is to provide TV Ragers with all the latest updates on the newest TV shows added to the Netflix Instant Streaming service, the ones about to expire for good, and the occasional reminder about just how much great stuff is already there for you guys and gals to peruse. Now let's get started with all the notable additions since the last issue went to press.

Amazing Stories

After a practically non-existent week for TV show additions last week, this edition comes roaring back with lots of new stuff to cover (descriptions in quotes courtesy of the Netflix website):

Red Dward Season 2 - "Season 2 unfolds as the mining vessel's crew, summoned by a distress signal, heads to the site of a downed spacecraft and takes on a new passenger: a service android named Kryten, who can't seem to relax."

The Best Of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - From Triumph's memorable trip to the Westminster Dog Show, to his legendarily funny "Attack Of The Nerds" bit at a Star Wars movie premiere, all of the most hilarious bits from everyone's favorite foul mouthed dog puppet's run on Late Night With Conan O'Brien are collected here for anyone who wants a good laugh. I personally own this DVD and it has more laugh out loud moments than most feature length comedies.

Sabrina: The Animated Series Season 1 - For the kids, season 1 of the animated adaptation of the popular ABC series Sabrina: The Teenage Witch is now available to stream. For the curious, Melissa Joan Hart and the majority of the voice cast make the leap from the live action to animated realms.

Outcasts Season 1 - "After Earth's demise, a group of hardy survivors escape to the planet Carpathia to build a new civilization. But as they struggle to temper the usual human failings of lust and ambition, they discover that their new planet holds a terrifying secret."

MI-5: Vol. 10 - "In the wake of the revelations about Lucas North, Harry must reconsider the future of the team. Meanwhile, the MI-5 agents scramble to stop forces determined to sabotage Britain's fragile and newly formed alliance with Russia." Volumes 1-9 are also available.

Lipstick Jungle Seasons 1 & 2 - "Candace Bushnell's juicy novel serves as the inspiration of this stylish nighttime soap about three powerful women -- media mogul Wendy (Brooke Shields), magazine editor Nico (Kim Raver) and designer Victory (Lindsay Price) -- who struggle to balance their professional and personal lives. While Wendy strives to be the perfect mother and churn out hit films, Victory tries to revive her fashion empire and Nico endures a disappointing marriage."

Life Seasons 1 & 2 - "Exonerated after 12 years in prison, former LAPD cop Chris Crews (Damian Lewis) has his life and job restored, but the independent thinker brings a Zen attitude and a new purpose -- to catch the real culprits in his own unsolved case -- to his work. In this unconventional crime drama, a million-dollar settlement allows Crews to live well, though he must adjust his odd habits to a digital city and an unsympathetic partner (Sara Shahi)."

Lassie Season 1 - How many times can Timmy fall down a well? You can find out for yourself in the first season of this classic TV series. One thing's for certain, that little brat will not make the life of our favorite collie an easy one.

Knight Rider Seasons 1-4 - All 90 adventures of badass 80's detective Michael Knight and his talking supercar KITT are ready and waiting for your streaming perusual. Hopefully a few hours of David Hasselhoff's greatest role will be enough to wash the taste of that horrible remake series out of everyone's mouths.

Ghot Hunters: International - "Paranormal investigators Robb Demarest, Barry Fitzgerald and Brandy Green seek spirits in the caves and castles of Europe, South America, South Africa and New Zealand. Guest investigators explain the histories of various hauntings."

Futurama: Vol. 6 - The most recently aired season of the other great animated series created by Matt Groening is now set to blast off on your computer screen or Netflix ready device. If you're a fan of animated comedy and you're not watching this, what the heck is wrong with you?

Dark Oracle Season 1 - "Upon discovering a comic book based on their alter egos, 15-year-old twins Cally and Lance Stone are plunged into a world of danger. With their existence at stake, the two must find the answers within themselves to break free of the comic curse."

Crossing Jordan Seasons 1-6 - All 117 cases solved by foresenic pathologist Jordan Cavanaugh have been dug out of the old case files of Suffolk County, MA and placed neatly on Netflix Instant for review. This series (created by Heroes' Tim Kring) gave Jill Hennessy a career and sported notable supporting cast members like Miguel Ferrer, Kathryn Hahn, and Jerry O'Connell.

The Black Donnellys - "Kevin (Billy Lush), Jimmy (Tom Guiry), Tommy (Jonathan Tucker) and Sean Donnelly (Michael Stahl-David) are four young, working-class Irish brothers, inexorably tied to a New York City crime syndicate. The brothers' determination to protect their family and territory -- Hell's Kitchen -- at any cost keeps them in a vicious cycle of loyalty with little hope of escape. Paul Haggis's gritty mob drama also stars Mark Margolis as mob boss Sal Minetta."

Amazing Stories Seasons 1 & 2 - Both seasons of this sometimes brilliant, sometimes baffling Steven Spielberg produced anthology series have returned to Netflix after a lenghty absence. Both the show's biggest strength and biggest weakness is that it contains something for everyone. There are episodes that fit comfortably in the horror, sci-fi, comedy, drama, and action genres and some stories even combine a few of them. Obviously, there will probably some you love and some you despise. I highly recommend the following (in no particular order): Mummy Daddy, The Mission, The Amazing Falsworth, Dorothy & Ben, Mirror Mirror, Welcome To My Nightmare, You Gotta Believe Me, Life On Death Row, Go To The Head Of The Class, & Without Diana.

Toddlers & Tiaras Season 3 - I include this series only to be thorough. I have no desire to watch it, and I honestly have no idea why anyone would. If you enjoy this, you may deserve a call from Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen. Seasons 1 & 2 also available (for perverts).

The Adventures Of Tintin Season 1 - "Sticking close to the original comic book series, this animated TV show follows the thrilling adventures of quick-witted Belgian reporter Tintin and his trusty pooch, Snowy, as they travel the world, tangling with thieves, kidnappers and killers."

Sonic The Hedgehog Seasons 1 & 2 - "As this series unfolds, Sonic the Hedgehog is charged with leading a group of freedom fighters against the evil Dr. Robotnik, a scientist who's reduced planet Mobius to a breeding ground for pollution and corruption." FYI: There are a lot of Sonic cartoons, this is the one from 1993 that ran in the ABC SatAM block.

Luther Season 2 "Brilliant detective John Luther struggles to recover from his wife's murder while getting his crime-solving career back on track. Soon he's on the trail of a masked murderer who is committing ritualistic crimes in London's historical landmarks." Season 1 also available.

The (short) list of notable shows expiring soon includes:

Fat Albert

3/9 - Fat Albert

3/10 - A Touch Of Frost

This is quite nice after the ridiculous amount of losses Netflix suffered last week.

And this edition's classic pick (a great show that has long been available to stream) is a two season series that isn't very old, but was criminally overlooked during it's run:

Ray Wise In Reaper

Reaper: Seasons 1 & 2 - For the unitiated, this CW series starred Bret Harrison as Sam Oliver who finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents made a deal with the Devil himself (the great Ray Wise) to save Mr. Oliver's life in exchange for their first born child. Now, Sam finds himself tasked by the Prince Of Darkness with recapturing escaped souls from Hell. He (with his friends "Sock" & Ben along for the ride) must now balance his normal life with working as a reaper. The premise is sort of a comedy version of the short-lived FOX series Brimstone, but it quickly develops its own idenitity. If you like horror or sci-fi with your comedy, then give Reaper a shot. It's only 32 episodes, what have you got to lose?

And that's it for this third edition of Instant Gratification. I hope you found it informative and at least fairly entertaining. See you next time.