Colton Haynes promoted on 'Arrow'

HaynesTo the shock of no one with knowledge of the character in the world of DC Comics, Roy Harper will be spending a little more time in Starling City next season.

Colton Haynes, who plays the character on The CW's adaptation of the publisher's "Green Arrow" comic, titled Arrow, will be a series regular in the second season. He debuted in the series a month ago, as Thea (Willia Holland), the sister of Oliver (Stephen Amell), noticed him performing a pickpocket. Roy is then revealed to be a kid from the rough streets of Starling City who is struggling to survive and care for his mother, a drug addict.

Haynes earlier this year said he hoped the character grew in the show's second, season, saying that, "Having a younger character like Roy on the show could appeal to a wider audience -- plus, his relationship with Thea is really blossoming. I'm very hopeful."

Harper in the comics is the Green Arrow's sidekick for quite some time and is known as Speedy and later becomes a member of the Teen Titans (as Arsenal) and then the Justice League of America (as Red Arrow). Currently, in the New 52 continuity, he is partnered with Jason Todd, who is known as the Red Hood and is a former Robin.


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Mar 13th, 2013, 4:34 pm

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