Alan Thicke, Bradley Dodds cast in 'Bad Management'


Alan Thicke


Canadian sitcom veteran Alan Thicke has been cast, alongside fresh-faced Bradley Dodds, in Sharon Horgan's upcoming ABC comedy pilot 'Bad Management.'

HorganProduced by and starring Horgan ('The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,' 'Dead Boss'), 'Bad Management' is a single-camera format comedy about a retail manager Eve (played by Horgan). Eve is a self-centered manager of a high-end luxury goods department store who finds her ways challenged when the boss (played by Thicke) puts his son, Tobias Jr., in charge (to be played by funnyman David Spade). Tobias Jr. makes youth and sex the new company focus.

Thicke, who rose to lovable stardom as Dr. Jason Seaver in 1985-92's 'Growing Pains,' will be playing Tobias Sr., a tough old buzzard who hates failure, likes lunches, and dotes on his son. The comedic potential between Thicke and Spade is mammoth here, as both actors' strengths lie in playing off of others. The scenes between Tobias Sr. & Jr. are already certain to make this pilot worth watching.

So where does the hunky young Bradley Dodds fit in? Dodds ('True Blood,' 'Mansion of Blood') plays Ben, a sexy young guy Eve hires to piss off Tobias Jr. Dodds is appearing in another pilot this season as well, 'Mighty Med.'

'Bad Management' is a huge chance for Horgan to find a spotlight that has so far eluded her in her acting career. Having also written 'Bad Management,' ABC is throwing a huge vote of confidence Horgan's way with this project moving forward. Landing Alan Thicke as a supporting cast member is a great way to help her cause.



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Mar 14th, 2013, 8:28 am

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