'Walking Dead' actor teases "epic" final three episodes

The third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is officially in the home stretch. With only three episodes remaining, the power struggle between Woodbury's Governor and Rick will reach a fever pitch -- alliances will shift and people will die, and as star Andrew Lincoln told MTV News in a recent interview, viewers are in store for something "epic."

Andrew Lincoln

Rick's sanity has been tested over the course of the season, with a new baby along with the deaths of his wife and close friends. Lincoln suggested in the interview that the trauma his character has experienced with the loss of his wife Lori may never be undone. "I don't know if he'll ever be the man he was, and that's one of the great joys of playing this part," the actor said. "He does keep changing and building up in other areas of his psyche, but he's deteriorating in others. I do think he's one of these animals who is galvanised by action."

He continued, "In the last episodes before we finish this season, you see a man coming out of the darkness and hopefully returning. I don't think he can return the complete man that he was, but he realizes the enormous responsibility on his shoulders. He has to step up."

The actor sees his character's close-knit family of survivors as integral to keeping Rick on track, and may be the motivation he needs to confront the threats posed by The Governor and his own group. "I think if Rick had been alone, he might not have been this tenacious survivor. But he has this family now, this incredibly tight family. In spite of losing his wife, he has this incredibly loyal unit he calls his family. That's his driving force. And certainly his son is pulling him very much back into reality," Lincoln explained.

Lincoln teased fans of the show, describing the final three episodes of the season as "epic... I won't be amiss in saying that not everybody gets out alive," he hinted. "Of course - we are 'The Walking Dead,' after all! And it's season three."

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Mar 14th, 2013, 10:59 am

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