Jack Coleman, Stephen Martines join 'Burn Notice' in recurring roles


Jack Coleman


There have been rumblings that the upcoming seventh season of the massively popular USA series 'Burn Notice' could very well be its last. It would seem that 'Burn Notice' is gearing up to go out with a bang; it was announced today that both Jack Coleman ('Heroes,' 'The Office' 'Castle') and Stephen Martines ('General Hospital,' 'The Closer') have joined the cast of the action drama in recurring roles.

The premiere of the seventh season of 'Burn Notice' will also mark the show's 100th episode. Stephen MartinesProduction on the season is slated to begin on Monday on location in Miami, FL. Coleman, recognized for his comedic abilities on 'The Office' over the past two seasons, joins the show as Andrew Strong, a veteran, high-ranking CIA agent who has seen it all. Strong is described as being a ruthless taskmaster, obsessive to a fault, albeit noble in motivation. Strong will push Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to do absolutely whatever it takes to complete his mission.

Martines, a heartthrob from multiple soap operas, will play Carlos Cruz, a swashbuckling bounty hunter and Fiona’s (Gabrielle Anwar) charming new boyfriend. Suggested drinking game: watch the new season and take a shot whenever Martines' shirt comes off.

There is a strange coincidence between Coleman and Martines: this is not the first series the pair will appear on together. Both actors have previously held roles on the popular CW show 'The Vampire Diaries.' But wait, there's more! Both Martines and Coleman have held guest-appearances on episodes of 'The Mentalist' as well! It would seem that their careers have become oddly entwined. Here's hoping they get to actually share some screentime this time around on 'Burn Notice.'


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Mar 16th, 2013, 9:04 am

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