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As the tension mounts with the Woodbury/prison conflict, this week's episode focused solely on the preparation of The Governor and his small town residents, giving viewers an idea of what they have in store. Creator and comic book writer Robert Kirkman spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the episode -- of course, SPOILERS lie ahead for those who have not seen Sunday's episode.

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Although the comic series that Kirkman spearheads has made it a point to avoid character flashbacks, this week's episode gave a glimpse into the bond forged between Andrea and Michonne during their nomadic months. "It was neat to go back and plug in a little of that time that we didn't see in between seasons. It was good to just get a little bit of a hint as to how their relationship had played out over that time and see how close they'd grown. We always try to use these moments sparingly but we do recognize their importance and how they can play into context of episode and give people a little more information. I wouldn't expect see flashbacks and stuff like that too terribly often," the writer said.

Speaking of shared history, we learned that Milton has ties to The Governor before the end of days kicked off, which seems to influence Milton in his attempt to quench his old friend's thirst for vengeance. "We've seen in this episode that Milton and the Governor definitely have a history; that could be something that the Governor takes into consideration when he decides to deal with Milton or punish Milton for what he's done. He's certainly aware of Milton acting against him to a certain extent. There's an element of friendship there that I think is very important," Kirkman said.

Since her harrowing encounter with The Governor, all signs pointed to the Woodbury leader having his eyes on bringing Maggie to his 'office' to join Michonne. However, as the season progressed, Kirkman states that having Andrea take Maggie's place just made sense. "The way this season was laid out it fell into place that Andrea was going to have to fall prey to the Governor in a pretty serious way. We're seeing that now," he explained. "It's really about her being very focused on what's going on with this conflict and worrying about if she can save Woodbury and the prison. It's really closed her window of escape and led her to this point. It's going to be a rough time for Andrea."

Don't expect The Governor's plans for Michonne to ease up one bit now that he has Andrea, however. "He still hates Michonne just as much and he's still just as invested in the prison as he was before. This is just another terrible deed to throw on the pile. The Governor is hitting a new level of his dastardliness and there's still a little bit of room to go from here," Kirkman said. "There's no limit to the lengths that this guy will go to. He's thrown all caution to the wind here in these final days leading up to the conflict. Things could get pretty terrible moving forward."

What did you think of this week's episode? Are Andrea's days numbered?

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Mar 18th, 2013, 4:05 am

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