'Once Upon a Time' Wonderland spin-off confirmed

ABC is officially poised to go back down the rabbit hole.

Sebastian Stan as The Mad Hatter

TV Rage reported about a possible spin-off series to the fairy tale "Once Upon a Time" back in February, in which creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz would focus on The Mad Hatter and his own bizarre life. Up until now, the new project was only rumored, but a casting call leaked on Friday appears to have made ABC's trip to Wonderland all but official.

"We do have an idea that may or may not take place in Wonderland that will definitely have some new characters," Kitsis told E! at PaleyFest. "But at this point, it's just kind of us tinkering in the laboratory, so we're kind of trying to keep it secret before we unleash it."

The pilot is set to begin shooting in April, though casting has just begun for the three confirmed new roles, including Alice herself.

In the new project, Alice is described as a twenty-something British woman, still carrying the scars from her time in the fantastical Wonderland. Though the experience has shaken her and made her tougher on the exterior, she still maintains a generous heart.

Other new characters include the the soulful Middle Eastern man Amahl and the unpredictable, wild adventurer dubbed The Knave. In author Lewis Carroll's original book, the latter character was on trial for tart burglary, which Alice attempts to defend.

The lack of casting news for main character the Mad Hatter seems to suggest that, despite earlier rumors, Sebastian Stan would return to occupy the role. Stan portrayed the character on the ABC series, but was thought to be unable to commit to a full series role.

Sound off on casting, TV Ragers -- who would make the perfect Alice?

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Mar 18th, 2013, 5:26 am

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I don't see why they would do it. NBC is already doing an Alice show. And ABC passed on it.

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