'The Following' co-star talks latest episode

Death goes hand in hand with Fox's serial killer thriller 'The Following,' and last night's episode was no different, seeing one of the cast's mainstays meet an untimely demise. Of course, SPOILERS lie ahead for those of you have yet to see the latest episode.

The Following

One of the earliest revealed inductees into the Joe Carroll cult of worship was Paul, deceptive gay neighbor to Carroll's victim in the series premiere. When we last saw the character, he and fellow follower Jacob were seemingly abandoned by the rest of their cult, Paul faring the worst with a knife wound to the gut. Adan Canto, who played Paul on the series, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his character's emotional death, and what could be a turning point for his former lover Jacob.

While the actor enjoyed his time on the series, Canto saw his character's eventual death as a strong possibility given the nature of the series. "We basically knew from the start that this kind of show, stuff like that was bound to happen in order to keep the story alive. When you jump into a project like this, you can only be working for the end result. You're supporting the plot," Canto said. "You don't think individually and say 'I still want to be on the show.' It was a lot of fun but it was more thrilling to realize that my character was playing a part and adding this kind of plot to the story."

The Following

Indeed, the actor was delighted to not only play a major part in the overall story of the series, but also take part in what was an emotionally gripping end. "I loved it. I loved it. It's a beautiful, beautiful scene. When I learned I was going to pass in this episode, it was a little like, 'Oh Christ, tough luck, I'm out.' But then you read a script like this [and] the way he dies, I was amazed; I was excited to shoot this thing and after shooting the scene, it felt so good," he said. "It's a beautiful scene, and it was disturbing. It was a great experience as an actor and as a person. I was excited to close the cycle that way."

A major aspect of his character's death is its effect on one-time lover Jacob, as one of the subplots in weeks' past has been Jacob's unwillingness to kill. Canto sees Paul's self-sacrifice in order further Jacob's as rather sweet in the twisted way that has been characteristic of the series. "Paul asks and he tells him, 'It's perfect. It's gonna be perfect. You can do it.' Paul would always tell Jacob that he could [kill] and he never could, until this particular moment when Paul helped him out a little bit in the beginning. Jacob's able to pull through and make it happen," he said. "That says a lot about him. It says that in his mind, he was genuinely part of something greater than himself and he wanted his life to mean something, to add something to this cult and Jacob's path in life. I guess Paul is a very passionate guy, selfless; that definitely adds to his depth as a person."

He continued, teasing that the Jacob's first kill could have some major ramifications for the character down the road. "A situation like that it definitely is going to mark a character like Jacob. It's going to heighten his sensitivity and his resentment toward life, and add a little bit to the fire and turbulence, if you will," Canto explained.

What did you think of last night's episode?

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Mar 19th, 2013, 7:40 am

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