This new 'Doctor Who' clip reveals just how much the Doctor loves to hear the final question

Doctor Who returns in a week and a half with its midseries premiere episode, "The Bells of Saint John." The episode will see the introduction proper of the Doctor's new companion, Clara -- or rather, the modern incarnation we glimpsed at the end of the Christmas special. 

As excited as the Doctor is to meet Clara, though, she's not nearly as happy about meeting him, particularly when he shows up at her door in a monk's robe. The Doctor's been referred to affectionately as a "mad man with a box" in the past, but he comes across as a genuine looney here (or at least, he does to Clara). 

"Doctor who?" she asks when he introduces himself. 

He corrects her at first, but then comes to a realization (aloud) that he rather likes hearing the question, "Doctor who?" So he asks her to repeat it several times. She closes the door in his face. 

It's a callback to the question, which has been thrown around in the series rather commonly following the series 6 finale, which saw the Doctor going underground, essentially. The fat, blue, decapitated head of Dorium warned him, though, that "the fall of the Eleventh" would happen when "the final question" -- that question -- was asked.

You can check out the clip from "The Bells of Saint John" below, via DoctorWhoTV

"The Bells of Saint John" will premiere Saturday, March 30, on BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Mar 19th, 2013, 8:44 pm

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