'Suburgatory' star discusses relationship problems in Chatswin

Jeremy Sisto (and Cheryl Hines)From the creepy incestuous brother on HBO's Six Feet Under to the concerned single father he currently plays on ABC's Suburgatory, Jeremy Sisto has made quite the transformation. In the show's second season, his on-screen character, George, has also undergone some changes as he has transitioned into a relationship with the more materialistic Dallas, played by another HBO alum, Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines.

Also known for playing Detective Cyrus Lupo for three seasons on NBC's Law & Order, Sisto spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the relationship between George and Dallas and the challenges presented by their stark differences.

"They continue to have to prove to each other that they can live in each other's worlds and that they can combine their aesthetics and versatile lifestyle choices to create something that is workable for both of them," he says, adding, "A lot of comedy comes from that."

During tonight's all-new episode of Suburgatory, George is less than impressed with the hideous guitar Dallas gives him for his birthday, while he is over the moon with the gift he receives from daughter Tessa, played by upcoming Evil Dead star Jane Levy. As expected, this causes complications.

"There's deeper insecurity that is again ignited where Dallas thinks George will never love her as much as his ex-wife [Alex]," explains Sisto. "And there may be a feeling of that for George but he doesn't care about that."

The stress of a new relationship is a lot for anyone to handle, and once it's over, it's usually over because "anyone can pull the plug at any time and it's off," he says. "There's an underlying neuroses of that and I think Dallas is especially susceptible."

By the end of the season, George and Dallas may have realized they aren't right for each other despite their best efforts, but the future is still murky.

"It doesn't end well for them," Sisto warns. "The season ends with the relationship seeming like it's going to be done," although he notes that he isn't sure how things will progress between them next season.

I started watching Suburgatory this season when I got my DVR and it is far more clever than I previously thought. Alan Tudyk, in particular, is delightful as George's best friend Noah. The relationship between George and Dallas has been my least favorite part of the show, although it has alleviated the creepy father/daughter dynamic between Sisto and Levy that permeated the Season 1 episodes I saw.

Do you want to see George and Dallas try to make it work, or do you look forward to both of them returning to the Chatswin singles scene?

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Mar 20th, 2013, 3:10 pm

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