Fox developing ' Shōgun,' O.J. Simpson murder trial mini-series

O.J. Simpson

Fox has just announced two interesting, and very different, new projects in the works – both of which are based on best-selling novels. The first of these is called Shōgun, a mini-series that is based on the James Clavell novel of the same name. The second mini-series will tell the infamous tale of O.J. Simpson, and is based on the Jeffrey Toobin novel called The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

“These are both epic stories – one fiction, one fact – that have captivated millions of people worldwide,” said Fox senior VP, Shana C. Waterman. “They’re riveting and emotional, with unique historic backdrops that lend themselves to the high-quality, dramatic event series we’re looking to make.”

Fox is opting to call these projects “event series” instead of “mini-series” because they will be longer than mini-series traditionally are. Each will consist of 10-12 parts and could hypothetically even extend further into more than a single season. Shōgun will be produced by Michael De Luca (The Social Network) and Nigel Williams (Elizabeth I); The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson will come from Nina Jacobson (The Hunger Games) and Brad Simpson (World War Z).

Here are the official descriptions for each event series:

SHŌGUN, based on the best-selling novel by James Clavell, opens a window into the brutal world of a rarely seen feudal Japan. Set in the 17th Century, the story is told from the perspective of British hero John Blackthorne, a sailor who rises from outsider to samurai, while being used as a pawn in Japanese leader Toranaga’s struggle to reach the top of the ruling chain, or Shōgun. A classic for the ages, SHŌGUN is both a cross-cultural exploration of Blackthorne’s journey away from the European way of life, and a star-crossed love story, as he falls for the magnificent Lady Mariko, the married confidant to Toranaga.

Everybody remembers where they were when O.J. Simpson, riding in a white Bronco, led the police on a low-speed chase all over Los Angeles. This marked the emergence of the 24-hour news cycle and the birth of reality television. Written by Golden Globe Award winners Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (“The People vs. Larry Flint,” “Man on the Moon,” “Ed Wood”), THE RUN OF HIS LIFE: THE PEOPLE V. O.J. SIMPSON (wt) will take viewers behind the scenes of “The Trial of The Century,” driven by the nonstop plot of a courtroom thriller and presenting the story of the trial as it has never been told.

- O.J. Simpson

Written by: harrisr
Mar 21st, 2013, 3:12 am

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