'Survivor' host talks latest episode's shake-up

On the heel's of one of the most volatile episodes of "Survivor" in recent memory, last night's follow up featured yet another shake-up. Entertainment Weekly spoke with host Jeff Probst about the latest happenings on Caramoan.


Many seasons of the reality series feature a mid-season shake-up of the tribes to make things more interesting, getting players outside of their comfort zone by breaking up alliances and forcing a readjustment of strategy. This week's tribe mix-up... it seemed a little unfair, with an immense physical advantage on one. Probst explained, "Anytime we do a tribe shuffle what we are hoping for is a shake up in the game that leaves us with two evenly matched tribes and many broken alliances. We knew going in that we’d have uneven numbers of fans and favorites simply due to the math of who was left, but the big unknown was how the strength would be divided. It was pretty clear pretty quickly that Gota had a distinct advantage over Bikal when it came to physical strength. Fortunately, not all challenges are based around strength so there is still hope for Philip and the remaining members of Bikal."

With the Favorites maintaining the majority on Philip's new tribe, the choice came down to either Matt or Julia from the Fans tribe. Probst sees the tribe's choice of eliminating Matt as a mistake that could potentially come back on them down the line. "At this point in the game, knowing I had the numbers I keep the strength and risk Matt and Michael burning me later," Probst said. "It’s a moment-to-moment game and in that particular moment I have to let Julia go even though I know her loyalty has major value — I want to win to ensure I get to the merge."

Of course, the host could have some inside scoop on what's to come, as he goes on to tease, "The switch really turns things upside down for Bikal. They have been gutted and it begins to show in challenges."

What did you think of last night's episode?

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Written by: kyleiam
Mar 21st, 2013, 8:36 am

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