'Veronica Mars' creator hoping to continue after movie

It's fair to say that the "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter campaign has been a runaway success, earning nearly $4 million with 22 days still to go.

Veronica Mars

The groundswell of support for the film, based on the too-soon-canceled teenage detective series, has creator Rob Thomas optimistic about a future for the cult-favorite character beyond her cinematic adventure. "Veronica will survive the movie," Thomas told TV Line. "I can’t promise anyone else does though. But there will be an opportunity for Veronica do to her thing again."

As to what this 'opportunity' could take the shape of, whether a Netflix season or movie sequel, Thomas is open-minded. "I’d be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t think of those things," admits Thomas. "I am hopeful it is the birth of [much more] Veronica Mars."

The creator went on to dish a little about the film, such as what brings the kids of Neptune together and what Veronica has been up to the past ten years. "She transferred away from Hearst college after that freshman year and went up to Stanford and finished her undergraduate degree. And then she went to Columbia Law School. She’s certainly been back to Neptune from time to time to see her dad and Mac and Wallace, but she hasn’t worked a PI case since the last one we all saw in the final episode of Season 3," Thomas said. "She ruined her dad’s chance for re-election and she decided that that path had caused too much chaos in her life. And so she hasn’t worked a PI case in nine years. And when we meet her, she’s sort of like where Tom Cruise was in the beginning of 'The Firm.' She’s between having graduated and taken the bar and she’s interviewing at various law firms in New York."

However, all that changes with a 10 year high school reunion that finds Veronica and her former classmates awakening the ghosts of their shared pasts. "Fans want to see those all those characters back together again," he says. "And the reunion set piece allows me to do that."

While the film will see many of the returning characters from the show, Thomas insists that the new story will be as accessible and open to unfamiliar audiences as possible. "We’re not going to get ghost visits from Lilly, as much as I joked about having Amanda Seyfried in it. We’re not going to get into Veronica’s backlog of cases. I want to make the movie accessible for people who haven’t watched Veronica Mars before," Thomas explained. "All you need to know is that Veronica was a teenage private eye and she’s given it up. And there will be a moment early in the movie that will bring her back to Neptune and make her give being a private detective one more shot."

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Written by: kyleiam
Mar 21st, 2013, 8:38 am

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