Discovery Channel sued by crewmember over reality show accident


A Hollywood sound technician has sued the Discovery Channel, claiming that he was seriously injured while helping produce a reality program for the network.

Kenneth Hatchock, who is a sound mixer and technician (he worked on Joe Millionaire) has filed a suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the network and Jimmy Blaze Entertainment. He claims that on March 24 (last year, I assume), he was riding in an all-terrain vehicle in Oklahoma for a video shoot when the vehicle suddenly drove into a concealed ditch. He says that he was then “ejected” from the vehicle and “seriously injured.” His suit says that Discovery, Blaze and others involved acted both “negligently" and "carelessly," and that they "recklessly operated, maintained, repaired, owned, supervised and controlled” the vehicle, which helped “cause the accident.”

He claims to have sustained shock and injuries, which he says have caused him mental and physical pain and suffering. He says his medical bills have exceeded $25,000.

The name of the show this occurred on is not known at this time. 

Discovery has a bad recent track record with injured workers. Two people being filmed on a proposed series were injured when a smoke bomb detonated and sent metal into the air, killing a woman, in June 2012.

Last month, in two separate incidents, three men died in a helicopter crash while filming a military-themed reality series for the network and later that month filmmaker John Driftmier and his pilot were killed when their small plane crashed.



Written by: Hamatosan
Mar 22nd, 2013, 7:57 pm

Images courtesy of Discovery Channel


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