'Walking Dead' star Andrew Lincoln teases Sunday's episode, "This Sorrowful Life"

The third season of AMC's Walking Dead has been the show's strongest yet. Amidst a compelling seasonlong arc of tensions building between the prison group and Woodbury, there has been time for some fascinating character development -- particularly with Rick, a man whose sanity has been teetering on the edge since the death of his wife in the fourth episode of the season. 

But as the series nears the final, inevitable violent confrontation between Rick's group and the Governor's town, one might worry that the series would shift away from examining the characters and move the focus back to the plot. That's not so, says Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick. Sunday's episode, "This Sorrowful Life," is all about the characters. 

"It's quite an emotional, heroic, brilliant episode," Lincoln told Yahoo TV. "Largely because of a couple of the actors in it that are doing some magnificent work."

He didn't share more than that, but he did tease the finale, which airs the week after: "The season finale … it all goes off. It's big, is what I will say. It's befitting everything that's happened this season, is what I would say."

Lincoln had previously mentioned that 27 people die in the finale. Whether or not that was strangely specific hyperbole remains to be seen: in his interview with Yahoo, he simply noted that he needed to watch what he said. 

You can check out more of the interview with Lincoln -- in which he discusses Rick's view of the Governor and this season's brilliant episode "Clear" -- here

The Walking Dead will air "This Sorrowful Life" this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. 

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Mar 22nd, 2013, 8:07 pm

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