'One Tree Hill' star Bethany Joy Lenz to appear on 'Dexter'

Bethany Joy LenzOne Tree Hill star Bethany Joy Lenz has been cast in a recurring role in the upcoming season 8 of Dexter. The actress has been keeping a low profile since her CW series ended, and other than booking a guest role on Men at Work, she seems to have been holding out for that great role. What better role to be jumping back into the limelight with than one on the (potentially) last season of one of the most popular series’ on television?

Lenz will be playing a woman named Cassie, an attractive former finance executive who unknowingly finds herself living next door to a serial killer. Dexter seems to be a fairly good neighbour (he isn’t at home for 99% of the time), but I have a feeling she is going to find herself wound up in his twisted little web one way or another.

A sneaking suspicion tells the connection will come in the form of recently cast co-star Darri Ingolfsson. Ingolfsson was added to Dexter for a multi-episode gig as "an antique dealer of old medieval equipment who starts dating Dexter’s neighbor.” Other actors that have been added to season 8 of the Showtime hit Sean Patrick Flannery and Charlotte Rampling. 

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Written by: harrisr
Mar 23rd, 2013, 4:08 am

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