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Another day, another story about Jay Leno feuding with NBC

LenoCan't NBC just fire this clown already?

Jay Leno continues his jabs at his employers as rumors about the end of his tenure at the network continue to swirl around. It is now becoming a nightly occurrence that he makes some juvenile "playful" joke at the network's expense.

Last night, Leno recounted a story about a Canadian doctor pulling a three-inch blade out of man's back that had been lodged in place for a reported three years.

“Imagine that. The guy had a knife in his back for three years. He must have worked at NBC too,” Leno said. Yes, the guy who backdoored Conan O'Brien out of his role as Tonight Show host does not feel people should be stabbed in the back.

“Have you heard about this alleged feud that I’m having with NBC? I think it’s going to be OK,” he added. “This is real. I had dinner last night with a bunch of executives. To make it up me, what they did, they are sending my wife and I on an all-expenses-paid Carnival cruise. So it looks like it’s going to be OK. Fantastic!”

Leno is reportedly going to be replaced as Tonight Show host by Jimmy Fallon beginning next year, either in February or September. An announcement is expected, reportedly in May.


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Written by: Hamatosan
Mar 23rd, 2013, 7:06 pm

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Message Posted On Mar 24th, 2013, 2:25 pm

I don't love Jimmy Fallon, but he's going to be a big step up from Leno.


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Message Posted On Mar 24th, 2013, 2:09 pm

"Can't NBC just fire this clown already?"


While I agree with you, apparently not.  The DJ's on a local radio station were talking about this the other day and one of them asked that very question.  The other mentioned that in order to break his contract, NBC would have to pay Leno tens of millions of dollars (an actual amount was mentioned, but I can't remember what it was and I can't find anything about it online).  Being in last place and neededing to fund new shows in the hopes of gaining some ground back, it's unlikely they have the money.  So they, and thus us, are probably going to have to put up with Leno until his contract runs out next year.  Oh, well.


Fortunately, it doesn't really affect me...I haven't watched The Tonight Show since about a month after Leno first took it over.  He may be an OK comedian, but he's an absolutely lousy talk show host and interviewer.


Message Posted On Mar 23rd, 2013, 10:39 pm
Leno was kinda cool before the Conan bs, I liked it best when it was Late Night With Conan O'Brien and Leno was on The Tonight Show. Then Leno had to go mess it up.
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