'Game of Thrones' star gets his ear bitten off

Clive Mantle on Game of Thrones

Game of Throne’s actor Clive Mantle, who plays Lord Greatjon Umber in the series, recently was attacked and part of his ear bitten off – by a human! You may recall that Mantle’s character on the HBO drama lost two fingers to a Direwolf in season 2. This time, it was not an animal that got a mouthful of Mantle – or should I say an earful.

Mantle was staying at a Travelodge in Newcastle, England over the weekend when he was attacked early in the morning on Sunday. Mantle had approached a group of men over a noise complaint, asking them to keep the noise down outside of his hotel, when he was attacked.

A spokesman from Mantle’s agency says that the 55 year old actor underwent surgery to have his ear reattached, but is still very upset about the incident. "He is very shaken and shocked by what has happened. You don't expect this kind of thing to happen in a hotel," said the spokesman. "The part of the ear that was bitten off was found and sewn back on. Mr. Mantle said the police, ambulance and hospital staff were amazing."

One man has been charged with rounding with intent and is expected in court next month. A second man has been released on bail while a third was released without charge.


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Written by: harrisr
Mar 26th, 2013, 2:54 am

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