'Criminal Minds' producer developing time-travel drama from 'Eagle Eye' writer

Quantum Leap notwithstanding, time travel is one of those concepts that hasn't found a great deal of success on television. A new project in the works from The Mark Gordon Company, entitled Fix It Men, is aiming to fix that.

Mark GordonThe hour-long sci-fi drama follows a scientist and a special forces soldier who travel from a post-apocalyptic future back to the present day in an effort to prevent Armageddon. When they arrive, they are transformed into their younger selves and proceed with the mission to change a series of seemingly random events that form the chain leading to the world-altering catastrophe. If any steps are missed, all hope for the future will be lost.

Co-produced by Sonar Entertainment and ABC Studios through Gordon's overall deal, Fix It Men is created and written by John Glenn, the scribe behind the 2008 film Eagle Eye and the NBC drama pilot Hatfields & McCoys. ABC Studios will handle North American distribution, while Sonar will take the project to the international market, starting with the MIPTV conference in Cannes next month.

"Fix It Men is destined to be a buzzed about series," boasted Barry Jossen, ABC Studios executive vice-president of creative and production. "It's original and will have trend-setting production values. Combining a brilliant writer like John Glenn with Mark Gordon's top-notch producing team and Stewart Till's international sales expertise is the recipe for a high quality drama."

Hearing his name mentioned, Sonar Entertainment CEO Stewart Till's ears perked up and he added, "Fix It Men is a fast-paced story that combines action and suspense. It has universal appeal that will grab and hold onto any audience looking to be entertained, captivated, and surprised. We are really looking forward to taking Fix It Men out to the international marketplace."

I'm a sucker for time-travel stories (I own and occasionally watch the 2002 Time Machine remake — yeah, yeah, I know) so this is right up my alley if it's done well. What do you think?

- Mark Gordon
- John Glenn (1)

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Mar 26th, 2013, 12:29 pm


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I, like you, am also a time travel sucker.  Any movie or TV show to deal with it, I HAVE to watch it.  I'm obligated.  It's POSSIBLE I might shrivel up and die if I don't.  So yeah, I'm there.  Haven't even read the concept yet.  I read the title of this and then last paragraph and then I'm writing this.  This is how much I'm in.  Didn't even need to know the story.  Now, I shall go back and read the full article. ;-)

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