Norman Reedus talks 'Walking Dead' season three finale (SPOILERS)

(PLEASE NOTE: This article talks about things that happened on the last episode of the Walking Dead, including a MAJOR spoiler. Read at your own risk.)


The life of Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) forever changed on the last episode of the Walking Dead, as his brother Merle (Michael Rooker) heroically gave his life to try and take out the evil Governor (David Morrissey). The Governor shot Merle in the chest, causing him to come back as a zombie and go face-to-face with his brother in a minute that broke the heart of Daryl, leading him to kill his zombie brother. I would imagine that Daryl intends to get him some of The Governor this Sunday, when the third season of the Walking Dead concludes. Reedus recently talked to the Hollywood Reporter about where things are with Daryl and what comes next. Below are some of the highlights of that interview, which can be read here in its entirety.


Will Mere's death change Daryl? - "He's going to become quiet and it's going to harden him. He grew up a lot in that moment and he is truly on his own. He has the group, which has become his new family, but as far as reconnecting with his brother when they got back together he had it in his mind that it could be a new beginning. Merle could change, Daryl definitely changed and they could be different people now; he had this hope." 

How will Merle's death affect the group? - "I've heard people question if Daryl blames Rick for letting this happen and starting this plan and getting Merle riled up and sending him out, but Daryl knows Merle and Merle does whatever he wants to do. I do not think he blames Rick, Michonne or anyone else for that. His brother always made on-the-spot decisions, he never asked for permission to do anything." 

Will Daryl know the Governor is responsible? -  "Daryl can look at a situation and know what happened. I do not know if Daryl is going to dig the bullet out and figure it out or is just full of grief and walk away. He holds the Governor completely responsible for the situation. The situation that the Governor brought to the table has threatened everybody and it got his brother killed. Daryl definitely wants to cut the guy's face off. He wants a ferocious revenge, he doesn't just want to see justice -- he wants to rip his head off."

The Walking Dead season finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC. Are you ready?

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Thanks for the clear spoiler warning and that it involves last weeks episode - so I can read the article without fear of any real finale spoilers. Love TVrage - its my goto TV site - keep up the good work and the spoiler warnings!

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