FX orders new comedy pilot 'How and Why' from 'Being John Malkovich' writer Charlie Kaufman

FX has ordered a new comedy pilot, 'How and Why,' to be written and directed by Charlie Kaufman. 

Here's why this is exciting: Charlie Kaufman is one of the greatest living screenwriters today. He's the guy who penned the script for the strange, brilliant 1999 film 'Being John Malkovich'. He also wrote one of the few Nicholas Cage films that was genuinely fantastic, 2002's 'Adaptation.' He wrote George Clooney's Sam Rockwell-starring directorial debut, 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.' And, most recently, Kaufman wrote and directed the most postmodern, ambitious film of recent memory: 'Synecdoche, New York'. 

Kaufman was working on another film, 'Frank or Francis,' but funding fell through. It looks like FX isn't afraid to fund Kaufman's creative vision, though: 'How and Why' has been ordered to pilot. The plot details, though, are pretty vague: "It tells the story of a man who can explain how and why a nuclear reactor works, but is clueless about life," according to Deadline. Beyond that, we know nothing about the story of 'How and Why'. 

FX is an exciting channel for 'How and Why.' It is the network, after all, that gave us 'Louie', a series that is the epitome of ultimate creative control. If they give Charlie Kaufman the same power that they gave Louis C.K., the network could have another amazing comedy series that bravely challenges the norms of the television medium. 

Are you as excited as I am for Kaufman to come to TV? Let's hope FX picks up that pilot to series. 

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Mar 28th, 2013, 8:49 am


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It definitely will be interesting. Kaufman is pretty much a "love/hate" kind of writer. I happen to like most of his stuff, but I know a lot of people who get really turned off by his work. At best most of the people who dislike what he pens will at least say his perspectives are "unique." I'm looking forward to seeing this series as well as, just how large the playground FX is willing to give him.

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