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Tyne Daly, Missi Pyle to co-star in 'Jacked Up'


Missi Pyle


The beautiful and talented Missi Pyle has signed on for CBS' 'Jacked Up,' joining Patrick Warburton ('Seinfeld,' 'Ted') as co-star. Warburton and Pyle are both experienced television stars with several credits to their name... but CBS brought in some insurance anyhow: also cast in 'Jacked Up' is living TV legend Tyne Daly.

Daly'Jacked Up' centers on Jack (Warburton), a beloved, recently retired baseball player who sets out to find a new purpose in life…starting with finding a wife with the help of his energetic and lovable best friend Barry (Rob Huebel). Daly has been cast as Jack's tough but loving mother. Given Pyle's beauty it would be natural to assume she would play a love interest for Jack, but she has signed on to play Jack's sister; the only thing that exceeds Pyle's good-looks is her comedic banter, so a sister to Warburton and a daughter to Daly seems an excellent fit.

Daly, best known for her roles on 'Cogney & Lacey' and more recently 'Judging Amy,' has been a television star since her 'General Hospital' role in the 1960s. Daly has also starred in several feature films over the past five decades. Her proven talent and charisma should serve this latest CBS venture quite well.

Pyle, seen recently in the Academy Award winning film 'The Artist,' has been making a string of guest appearances on various television comedies, including 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23' and '2 Broke Girls.' Pyle hasn't held a starring television role since the ill-fated 'Greetings From Home' where she played Sue.



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Written by: bad_subject
Mar 31st, 2013, 8:01 am

Images courtesy of CBS

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